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Trend, schmend: What’s making California weddings special?

When planning a wedding in California, people think either Los Angeles or San Francisco. And with good reason. These places are each trendsetters, but each vibes differently. What’s hot up north could get a chilly reception down south. But California is even more diverse than its most well-known cities. San Diego and Redding are no more alike than Lake Tahoe and Fresno. So what’s hot in the state? Brides and grooms seek beaches, docks and piers, bridges and boats; they want nature as their backdrop. But mainly what they’re seeking is to make their weddings personal statements, a symbol and celebration of a deeper commitment. So what’s trending?

Wedding trends vary in California

In LA you can find glamorous cathedrals and swank penthouses, Japanese gardens, vertical desert gardens and at least one stylish venue that includes a Ferris wheel. In San Francisco, City Hall actually provides a spectacular Beaux-Arts setting for your quickie wedding – or your grand 3,000-guest extravaganza. The California Academy of Sciences can provide the trifecta of museum, aquarium, and planetarium. Rustic-in-the-city has been a favorite choice since 1937 at the Presidio Log Cabin so don’t expect it to be booted because someone says rustic isn’t trending. As for industrial chic, which is all the rage this year nationally, it’s not new here. See the Foreign Cinema restaurant venue and Big Daddy’s Antiques.

When you leave these urban areas, California weddings can remain just as grand – if grand is what the brides and grooms desire. Couples can get whatever they’re looking for just about anywhere they’re looking for it in the state. Vineyards or mountains can offer their own rustic styles. Resorts call to some; back yards beckon to others.

Are the trends in the menu? Look for wine kegs in any of the vineyard areas and blue champagne for the urban toasts. You might find a wedding cake of cheese. Not cheesecake, though that sounds yummy too, but think brie and goat cheese. Artisan cheese company Cypress Grove knows how to make this work. You’ll find barbecue at one wedding and smoked salmon at another.

Trending colors have seeped into the state. Metallics glitter right now, particularly coppers and gold. Pinks are special right now too, making rose gold the perfect accent color from one end of California to the other. But a bride won’t shy away from red or gray here if that’s what her heart is set on. Trend, schmend. And so what if greenery is the Pantone color of the year; Californians will use the green – and the greenery – they want in decorations, attire, even invitations.

Nationally, the entertainment debate continues: DJ or live band. Live bands are teetering at the top of the seesaw right now. But Californians don’t debate; they have both. They start with a live band and end with a DJ. Guests also may provide entertainment because family and friends are so talented – and they’ve started off with a cocktail perhaps with the wedding ceremony.

One thing Californians have whether in the city, on the farm, the beach, or the vineyard – that’s the photo booth. Savvy couples are even renting photo booths for the pre-wedding and after-wedding events. Whether the wedding magazine says it’s trending or not, Californians are keeping the photo booth at their event. It is as necessary as the wedding ring, as much a mainstay as the first dance and cake cutting traditions.

Rent a Selfie Station

When choosing this must-have item California brides and grooms are looking for the photo booth with all the bells and whistles. They are picking Selfie Station because it will capture memories for the wedding guests and for the newlyweds. It allows for hashtags and connections to social media. They can use filters, and create special backgrounds or green-screen backdrops. Guests can email and text pictures. A Selfie Station sparks guest activity and involvement. Photo booths make down times active. Those long minutes waiting for the bride and groom to arrive suddenly breeze by as guests mug for the camera. Even great-aunt Kimberly is picking up props and gingerly making her way over to the Selfie Station. It creates fun as well as wedding souvenirs; the pictures can be printed out with customized framing. Instant wedding favor.

Another beautiful thing about the Selfie Station is that it’s beautiful. It is freestanding, sleek, and compact yet boasts a 32-inch screen. It fits in at any wedding, from casual to elegant. A Selfie Station photo booth owner will set it up and stay in attendance to help guests use all the features.

No matter what type of entertainment you have, don’t forgo the photo booth. Put it on your list or tell your wedding planner to make sure it’s booked. As more people discover the advantages of photo booths at their events, some areas struggle to fill all the wedding engagements. Call and book a Selfie Station early.

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