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What’s topping wedding entertainment lists in Texas?

Weddings are big in Texas. No surprise there. But it’s not just the size of the affair, it’s the number of them, nearly 200,000 annually. What might surprise outsiders is the variety of styles that are popular around the state. Sure, barn-and-boot weddings are more than a trend here. But many couples seek out the settings that make the beauty of nature the backdrop for their wedding, such as The Cliffs Resort on Possum Kingdom Lake in Graford or Kindred Oaks in Georgetown. Or they make the day fulfill all their fairy tale fantasies, marrying in the Falkenstein Castle in Burnet or Dunvegan Keep in Austin. The place they select contributes to making their wedding meaningful. When they choose a venue, Texans make a personal statement, not a 140-character tweet to trend on Twitter.

Texas trends in weddings

Brides and grooms in Texas pride themselves on being true to themselves, so while trends in weddings may be running toward industrial, rustic maintains a place in the heart of Texas. The national greenery trend follows Texas more than the other way around. Whatever is trending in menus only matters if they can incorporate barbecue and kolaches. Sweet tea, Dr. Pepper and frozen margaritas will be among the drink choices even as they stock the bar with the popular drink from the local microbrewery.

As for entertainment, the live-band vs. DJ debate continues with live bands higher on the seesaw this season, but weddings everywhere boast more than music. In Texas, look up because they enjoy fireworks, dove releases, and parrot acts.

But those are the trends, and there’s one thing beyond the trends that unequivocally tops the entertainment lists of brides and grooms across the state: the photo booth. The photo booth is as necessary as the wedding ring, as much a mainstay as the first dance tradition. It’s a must-have. In Texas, where a big event may run over multiple days, photo booths pop up at every part — rehearsal and welcome dinners, weddings, and receptions to name a few. Couples can rely on them to capture memories for everyone. They create fun as well as wedding favors. They spark guest activity and involvement. Even great-aunt Sue is picking up props and haltingly making her way over to the photo booth. Photo booths make down times active. Those long minutes waiting for the bride and groom to arrive suddenly breeze by as guests mug for the camera.

Brides and grooms pick Selfie Station

No matter what type of entertainment you have, don’t forgo the photo booth. Put it on your list or tell your wedding planner to make sure it’s booked. Make the decision even better by choosing a photo booth with all the perks, including a connection to social media, slo-mo and personal video options, and photo filters. Selfie Station, a high-tech system boasting a spectacular 32-inch screen, DSLR camera and HD web cam, offers all the bells and whistles.

Another beautiful thing about the Selfie Station is that it’s beautiful. It is freestanding, sleek and compact. It fits in at any wedding, from casual to elegant. A Selfie Station photo booth owner will set it up and stay in attendance to help guests use all the features. Hashtag your wedding and send out those filter-full photos on Instagram and Facebook. Text them to the people who couldn’t make it. As each guest takes home a personalized picture, the newlyweds will have an album available as proof of all the fun that was had.

As more people discover the advantages of photo booths at their events, some areas struggle to fill all the wedding engagements. Call and book a Selfie Station now .

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